Fading digits

How often do you ask yourself, “Why do I waste so much time?” How often have you blamed yourself, called yourself names, told yourself that you mustn’t do it? Accept it or not, the reason why you find difficulty in utilising your time to the fullest is because it is in your behavior to celebrate […]

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Helping your Soul

Your soul is who you truly are deep down below all the labels and titles. It’s eternal, divine and inherently worthwhile. Yesterday I pulled up to a red light around the corner where a poor man was sitting . I saw a mother and her daughter walking through the platform. Her daughter looked at the […]

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Mind Wandering

So yeah! Everyone daydream right? Everyone have something to wonder and dream about. We even wonder about small stuff that we wish to happen in our life. Daydreaming could be the key to a whole new level of lifestyle improvement. If you do the same things every day in your life, you won’t ever write […]

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Struggling to move on

I swear some folks are famous for this shit here! It’s the loss of hope and plans. It’s the white space that appears where you thought that you’d be doing stuff with them. It’s how you feel about you as a result of the fact that they’re no longer there. It’s the unanswered questions, it’s […]

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Forks In The Road

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. Foods have never failed to impress me.I always love to try varieties of dishes.I normally don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good foods and good laughs. I’m happy and satisfied. Food is for eating and good food is to be […]

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Missing You

I know we haven’t seen or even talked in a long time, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and i want you to know that “I Miss You”. Not like ‘I regret what happened’ or even ‘I want to see you again’. Just I miss you.It’s strange to think that someone i […]

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